Coldstreamers 1

A guide to other ranks uniforms of the Coldstream Guards: 1920-2020

This book explores the uniforms of the British Army’s oldest continuous serving regiment over the last 100 years.

Starting at the end of the First World War the book covers Full Dress, Dress Blues, Service Dress, Barrack and Combat Dress. From 100-year old scarlet tunics to mid-century serge wool Battle Dress and into the 21st Century with Future Army Dress.

76 pages with around 40 examples of surviving uniform items photographed in detail alongside unpublished period photographs - with explanations of the designs and changes made to the clothing over the decades - this book is a must for any British uniform collector or military enthusiast.

Coldstreamers 2

First published 2022
76 pages

In production - expected early 2024