Designed and produced by SJR Creative, Blue/Grey is the first book of its kind to tackle the much neglected subject of RAF uniforms of the post-WW2 and Cold War eras.

Tracing the origins of post-war uniforms from the Second World War Battle Dress, which remained in service until the 1970s, to the modern fabrics of the 1990s – this book covers the every day service uniforms worn by Airmen, Women and Officers over the second half of the 20th Century.

Over 100 pages of examples of surviving uniform items photographed in detail alongside dozens of unpublished period photographs with explanations of the designs and changes made to the clothing over the decades – this book is a must for any RAF uniform collector or military enthusiast.

This book covers all the key uniform items and headwear such as the No1 Dress, Battle Dress, Tropical clothing and WRAF uniforms. Each item of clothing is photographed in full with close-ups of details such as badges, manufacturers labels and any other specific details of interest.

Intended to be a visual guide, the book is not full of heavy dull technical detail – but short descriptions and brief explanations of some of the services within the RAF featured, such as the RAF Regiment, Woman’s Royal Air Force and Air Training Corps.

Technical advice and proof reading came from author and former RAF Wing Commander Chris Goss, and military author and blogger Edward Hallett of

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Blue Grey RAF Uniforms

Blue/Grey: A guide to RAF Service Uniforms 1945-2000

By Simon Rawlings

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